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Reviews of The Mystery of the Jewelled Moth

The Mystery of the Jewelled Moth

  • Woodfine, Katherine. The Mystery of the Jewelled Moth. Egmont Books, 2016.
    ISBN 9781405276184

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Angel.M from La Retraite Catholic School for Girls said:

I like it because it gas loads of mystery and intriguing characters. I like that each chapter is shared between the present new character introduced in the book. It's a bit of a drag at the beginning but I like it.

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27 Apr 2017 23:03

Angel.M from La Retraite Catholic School for Girls said:

I liked this book because it has loads of intriguing mystery and keeps you on your toes. I find it a bit of a drag at the beginning of the book. I like that the story shares the chapters between the original character and the new one who adds to the addition of the second series of the book.

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27 Apr 2017 22:59

Maia from La Retraite Catholic School for Girls said:

I found this book confusing and couldn’t follow the plot. There was nothing I found interesting about it. The description of the characters was good and detailed. That was the part I liked best about it. But the connection between them was confusing.

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27 Apr 2017 13:09

Esme from The Norwood School said:

I rate this book 4 stars because of the context. it leaves suspense in the readers eye and in the first chapter a lot of the suspense is at the end leaving the reader on a high. A lot of this book shows the skill of friend ship allowing you to really connect with the characters in the story. Throughout the book the reader can considered what the character can feel in the moment that is a thriller. rising on a high it was very entertaining and makes you think about family and friendship.

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26 Apr 2017 15:00

Esme from The Norwood School said:

I rate this book 4 stars because of the context. it leaves suspense in the readers eye and in the first chapter a lot of the suspense is at the end leaving the reader on a high. A lot of this book shows the skill of friend ship allowing you to really connect with the characters in the story. Throughout the book the reader can considered what the character can feel in the moment that is a thriller. rising on a high it was very entertaining and makes you think about family and friendship.

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26 Apr 2017 15:00

Mahima from Dunraven Secondary School said:


Sweet pizza was an unusual book because it didn't fit right with the title of the book. I was expecting the book to be about pizza but it was about delicious others foods and about a boy persuading the people not to close down his family's cafe.The start of the book was weird because it talked about a boy called Joe but we didn’t know who Joe was. I liked how the book used very descriptive adjectives and adverbs which made me very hungry but it was quite boring because they only mentioned pizza in the book once through the whole book so I thought that the title should be changed into something else like amazing foods from Italy but a massive problem because the title would make u want to know what the massive problem is and you can also find about Italian food and because it is a book it should have mouthwatering adjectives and it should persuade you or your family to at least buy or make the food.

I didn’t like the book so I wasn’t able to finish the book so I rate it 2 stars.

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26 Apr 2017 11:36

Gabriel from Dunraven Secondary School said:

The jewelled moth book review by gabriel gaughan
The book author is called: katherine woodfine.

Although the book was dramatic it was rushed and too fast paced at times in other times it was too slow or repetitive

Now the reviews

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26 Apr 2017 11:35

Ruby from Streatham and Clapham High School for Girls said:

This book was a Sinclairs extravaganza. The jewelled moth was highly exciting to read. The idea of mystery definitely intreeged me. An excellent, clear book to read.

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25 Apr 2017 17:37

Ella v from Streatham and Clapham High School for Girls said:

This book is full of mystery and through the book you are gripping on to your chair wondering what will happen next. A thrilling novel to keep you on your feet! For the last 2 days I was asking myself , "What will happen to the baron" , and " Will China town be okay in the end". If you are into books with a gripping plot then this one is for you!
But to have earned tat extra star ; in parts were it go dreary then add drama instead of keeping it dreary!

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21 Apr 2017 12:24

Stella-Maris from La Retraite Catholic School for Girls said:

Blurb: "Wonder at the puzzling disappearance of the Jewelled Moth! Marvel as our heroine, Sophie and Lil, don cunning disguises, mingle in high society and munch many cucumber sandwiches to solve this curious! Applaud their bravery as they follow a trail of terrible secrets that leads straight to London's most dangerous criminal mastermind, and could put their own lives at risk…”

I'm going to be brutally honest, at the start of this story it was very boring and took a very slow pace. But as I got to the middle of the story and the plot started to thicken (when Emily Montague was found in the water after being drowned) I was suddenly unable to remove my eyes from the book.

The description however, stayed detailed and imaginative through out the whole story e.g.: "Here and there were a few signs of life: a ragged group of children ,some without shoes, watching them pass by; a stray do, nosing through rubbish.”, and if it wasn't like that at the start of the book I would have put it down and looked for another book. So my only real feed back is to start the book with a BANG so it can keep the readers attention.

Although this book was not my usual genre (mystery) I do believe it fitted the time period and stayed true to that through out the whole story as the characters weren't only described by their appearance but also by their role in society e.g.: Miss Veronica Whiteley was a debutante.

Personally, my favorite character would have to be Lil just because of the way she is confident ,funny, positive and always manages to say what everyone was thinking e.g.: when Veronica threw Lil, Sophia, Billy and Joe for the second time she said, "Well that’s the second time this week I've had that door slammed in my face.”

All in all I enjoyed the book and next time will try another book from that genre.

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20 Apr 2017 16:06

Ella from The Norwood School said:

I thought that this book was intriguing and gripping.The element of mystery is highly effective and the plot is exceptionally clever.

I LOVE the element of feminism by having two strong female heroines. The characterisation is BRILLIANT and I really feel like I am part of the story. Also, the use of dual viewpoints is very interesting.

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19 Apr 2017 19:55

Edie from Streatham and Clapham High School for Girls said:

When Lily and Rose are swept away on a well paid mystery to recover the Jewelled Moth, their adventure unravels into something from their darkest nightmares. Emily Montague is found at the bottom of the river, and the mystery seems to become much deeper, especially when the Baron's secret identity is threatened to be revealed. With the help of Mai, a faithful girl from China Town, and her brother, Song - Miss Rose And Miss Lily might just escape alive!
A brilliant and absorbing book recommended to all strong readers.

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19 Apr 2017 14:05

Bianca from La Retraite Catholic School for Girls said:

This book is the second instalment in The Sinclair’s Mysteries series by Katherine Woodfine, and follows the story of Sophie and Lil, who work at Sinclair’s Department Store. They are hired by Veronica Whiteley, an aristocratic young woman who is about to make her debut in society. She had accepted the proposal of Lord Beaucastle and received the Jewelled Moth as a present. She hired the heroines because she had lost it (presumed it was stolen) and needed it found before a ball that is around the corner. Mei’s family were the protectors of the Jewelled Moth, and Mei is distraught over the fact that the Jewelled Moth is in the hands of Veronica Whiteley. Ultimately, the Jewelled Moth is found, only to unravel more havoc.
When I read the blurb, I imagined an awesome plot consisting of heroes who save the day after a couple of close calls. But, unfortunately, I was disappointed by the slow opening. I think that the main action took place once Lil had to sneak into one of Veronica’s parties to gain more information, which was about a quarter into the book. I adored the changing in perspectives, but Mei’s perspective seemed a little too boring and lengthy for what it was worth. However, her perspectives got more exciting when she ended up meeting Sophie and Lil and teamed up with them with her brother Song to save the day. Considering the fact that I haven’t read the first book in the series, I think that the lack of background concerning Sophie, Lil, Billy, Joe and the Baron might have influenced by disinterest for the beginning. I love how the story allowed the reader to make their own theories, as not much was given away at the beginning. For example, just because of the way that Veronica spoke of Lord Beaucastle, and the fact that somehow the Jewelled Moth had been put in his hands in the first place, I had the suspicion that Lord Beaucastle was related to the Baron. Disregarding the lack of interest I had at the beginning of the story, I think that the plot reflects very well on the title of it being a mystery.

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12 Apr 2017 18:26

Daisi from Dunraven Secondary School said:

The Jewelled Moth is a very mysterious book. When I first started reading it the book was quite confusing to read and I never really understood the book. But as I told myself to carry on reading I started the understand the book a lot more and couldn’t put the book down.

The book was a very interesting because on Lil and Sophie’s journey to finding the Jewelled Moth, they encountered many blocks in the road but they continued to find out what happened and never gave up. In the end they found the Jewelled Moth but they decided to try and find out about why the jewelled moth was found where it was found.

I think the book is about two girls named Lilian and Sophie and they go on on a journey to find a rich female’s jewelled moth that went missing the night before a big gathering between most of the rich, important people in London. But then on their way trying to find the jewelled moth they are stopped by more mysteries that have something to do with the jewelled moth but not telling them what happened to the jewelled moth itself. When the eventually find it, they find that they have another mystery to solve involving the death of the person that stole the moth itself… I found the book quite confusing but I started to understand as I got to the end. I can’t really say that I enjoyed the book itself but I kind of enjoyed the journey that Lillian and Sophie were going on.

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29 Mar 2017 11:29

Abi and Lola from Dunraven Secondary School said:

The Jewelled Moth book review
This story takes place in The East and West End of London. Living in the East End,Chinatown, Mei and her family own a small shop that they live on top of.Mei lives with a family of 6 and after her Grandads death everything goes downhill for her and her family.
After Mei's father gets some bad news she struggles to find the truth about a missing diamond.On the other side of London there is a department store named Sinclairs. All the wealthy debutantes and Mistresses come to buy the most fancy and elegant clothing;from sunday frocks to the most elaborate hats.
Sophie and Lilian are two ordinary young girls working at the Store to earn a bit more money. These two young girls set out as detectives to solve the mystery of the jewelled moth and the evil Baron.
We enjoyed this book because each chapter has a new surprises and you could never guess who or why. The story seems jumbled up and misleading but near the end everything makes sense and is outstanding. Some chapters were not as interesting as others for it was a story about their day-to-day life which contained no mystery or Detective work. By Abi and Lola.

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29 Mar 2017 11:23

Ibrahim from The Norwood School said:

The mystery of the jewelled moth is a unique book set in the 1900's.Containing Edwardian history,this book is perfect for history lovers. Living in Lime house China town,Mei and her brother face life threatening situations along with two other feminists (see pages 41,42 and 43) Lil and Sophie. In this gripping book,the theft of the jewelled moth worsens into a mission to save a lady from getting married to a disguised terrorist who intends to steal her father's many mines.Whilst trying to work out the mystery of the jewelled moth, London's most dangerous criminal mastermind gets uncovered. I like this book due to the fact that it full to the brim with suspense and tension.Another reason why I like this book is because of it's many cliffhangers which makes me want to read more. However,I think that the pace is too slow and I don't like how the book gets straight to the point.The book would be better if there were more descriptions. Like this book?Then read the sequel,'The Mystery Of The Painted Dragon.

Star Rating:

22 Mar 2017 18:27

Rosie from Streatham and Clapham High School for Girls said:

I loved this book because the plot is exciting and unpredictable so just where you think the story is over and everything is all right, a huge bombshell is dropped and it gets even more interesting and diverse. With a bit of Edwardian history in it, the entire scene and plot combines perfectly to create a fantastic story with lots of twists. Sophie and Lil are typical Edwardian girls who have done some extraordinary things. I love the Chinatown and a department store setting and I like the little more frightening parts about the Baron. The heroines are amazing and daring and Mei and her brother face impossible odds to save their family. The trivial theft of a brooch escalates into a hunt to save a young lady from a disastrous marriage to a disguised terrorist looking to steal her father's mines. Will Sophie and Lil prevail?

Star Rating:

22 Mar 2017 12:46

Emma from Streatham and Clapham High School for Girls said:

Will Miss Sophie Taylor and Miss Lillian Rose get to the bottom of the Mystery of the Jewelled Moth? Follow our Heroines as they go undercover at Lord Beaucastle's fancy dress ball! What seems like a small problem leads to disastrous theft. On their journey they met friends that will change the way they look at things. Find out by reading the book.

Star Rating:

22 Mar 2017 12:45

Ella from Archbishop Tenison said:

This book is an amazing book about, two girls Sophie and Lil, they go on an adventure to solve the mystery of the jewelled moth.

Star Rating:

16 Mar 2017 13:52

Nicole from The Elmgreen School said:

The mystery of the jewelled moth is about a girl called Mei who lives in Limehouse, Chinatown in East London, and also about two other girls, one called Sophie and the other called Lil. They are trying to work out the mystery of the jewelled moth and it leads to one of London’s most dangerous criminal masterminds.
What I liked about The mystery of the jewelled moth is that it is always leaving you on a cliffhanger and it is always leaving you not knowing what is going to happen next. You just want to carry on reading the book or move on to the next chapter. What I also liked is that it isn’t a modern day mystery and it is set in the early 1900’s when girls were meant to be very prim and proper which makes them look extraordinary.
What I disliked about The jewelled moth is that if the author had just got straight to the point instead of explaining it using extra words then it would have made the book more interesting. Apart from that the book was great. I wish the ending hadn’t been a cliffhanger because I found that frustrating.
I would say that the book is drama/mystery and it does have relationship drama because there are lots of twists and turns about who is going to marry who. I would rate the book 4.5 out of 5 because even though the book has so much suspense and tension in the air, they could have got straight to the point, but as I said, apart from that the book was amazing.

Star Rating:

06 Mar 2017 16:57

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Dan Smith wins 2017 Phoenix Book Award for Boy X

Huge congratulations to Dan Smith who won the Phoenix Book Award 2017 for Boy X!

On 4th May 2017 students from Elmgreen, Dunraven, Lilian Baylis, La Retraite, Streatham & Clapham High School and Platenos gathered at The Norwood School for the much anticipated finale celebration.

It was a fantastic morning filled with student presentations, film and drama. We were very lucky to have two of the shortlisted authors, Dan Smith and Katherine Woodfine, in attendance. Both gave fantastic presentations on their love of reading, their books and inspirations.

We were also very honoured to host Mayor Marcia Cameron who delivered an inspiring speech on her love for reading before handing out prizes and certificates to the students.

All 4 of the shortlisted books had been thoroughly enjoyed by the book groups - but the winner, as voted for by the students, is the gripping thriller Boy X by Dan Smith!

Message from Dan:

"These kinds of awards always mean so much because the readers choose their favourite books, write reviews, and vote for the winner. In the case of the Phoenix Book Award, the students even choose the shortlist. On the day, the students were amazing - different schools championed different books, giving presentations, showing films, and there was even a short piece of drama written especially for the occasion! And when it was time to announce the winner, it was so exciting to hear Boy X being called out! The students were fantastic, the organisation was perfect, and it was a huge honour to win. Thank you to everyone who voted for Boy X - the trophy is now proudly displayed on my bookshelf."

Photos from the event can be found in our Photo Gallery.

Dan Smith's response to 2017 shortlist place

DAN SMITH SAYS: "I am honoured and thrilled that Boy X has been shortlisted for the Phoenix Book Award! I wrote the book in the hope that younger readers would enjoy the adventure, so it's especially exciting to be shortlisted for an award like this - where the younger readers are in charge and they get to choose and vote for their favourites!"

G R Gemin's response to 2017 shortlist place

G R GEMIN SAYS: "When you write a book you are communicating, but you never know how your writing will be received by readers. So when Sweet Pizza was shortlisted for the Lambeth Phoenix Award it made all the hard work worthwhile.

I believe the book has an important message for its readers, which is we all have a story, and that history does not necessarily begin in the country in which we are born. We all have histories: our parents, grandparents and carers all have their stories which are important to know and remember. In the story of Sweet Pizza Joe finds out about the history of his grandfather and great grandfather. You too can do the same - you can ask your parents and grandparents or carers about their stories, their histories. It is called oral history. It is just as vital as the many history books and stories that you will come to know through your school work and research.

So I invite you to find out about your family histories and record them in a document, on paper or on computer, because I guarantee that as you grow older you will be glad you did it, as it will be a record that is unique to you and your family for years to come.

Thank you for shortlisting Sweet Pizza, I'm really sorry I can't be at the award event but I wish you enjoyment in reading and discovering all there is to know about your families and where you come from."

Robert Beatty's response to 2017 shortlist place

ROBERT BEATTY SAYS: "Thank you so much for nominating Serafina and the Black Cloak for the 2017 Lambeth Phoenix Book Award. I am so pleased and honored that the first book in the Serafina Series is one of your favorite books this year. I wrote Serafina and the Black Cloak with my daughters when they were 10 and 12 years old. They helped me to create the Serafina character and the story. They were very excited to hear about being nominated for this award. So, thank you for that.

Also, if you haven’t done so already, please be sure to watch the book trailers for the first two books in the series. My family and I made these trailers near our home where the books are set. My wife made the beautiful costumes, my younger daughter plays the Serafina role, and my older daughter plays the role of Lady Rowena (book 2). We even used our dog in the trailer! :)


Good luck in the final phase of Book Award process. We look forward to learning the results. And best of luck with your studies and the remainder of the school year.

2017 Shortlist Announced

The shortlist for the 2017 Phoenix Book Award has been announced. Please visit our Books page for full details.

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4 May 2017
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The The Phoenix Book Award 2017 finale will take place on 4th May 2017 at The Norwood School.

The Phoenix Book Award 2017 Finale

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This exciting South London based Book Prize targets Year 5, 6, 7 and 8 pupils in Lambeth, encouraging them to read through the transition years. Phoenix is a unique book prize as students are involved in every stage of the award; from picking the shortlist, to shadowing the award and then finally voting for their favourite. It is open to all schools in the Lambeth area - for more information please contact Sandra Davidson via our Contact page.

Pupils from Elmgreen School, La Retraite, Lillian Bayliss and The Norwood School had the responsibility of selecting and voting for books from a longlist of 32 titles to pick the 4 titles that are on this year's shortlist. The winner will be announced on 4th May 2017 at the finale event, being held at The Norwood School.